• Since 07/2018: CASHGROW Consulting
    – Business Consultancy

    – Managing Director, CEO
  • 09 – 12/2018: DAXNER Group
    – Plant construction bulk material technology

    – Director of Procurement & Strategic Sourcing, Spare Parts & Services
  • 2016 – 2018: GREINER (GPI)
    – Plastics processing, Group Purchasing Director Granules

    – Supervision raw material Procurement and SCM (volume 190M€, 78 FTE, 21 plants, 3300MA)
  • 2005 – 2015: CEMTEC
    – COO, CPO
    Cement & mining plant construction
    Member of Management Board (Authorized Officer, Deputy Chief Executive Officer)
    Responsibility for the following departments within this 10 year timeframe: Technology & PM, Purchasing, SCM, Business Development, QM, Legal and Claim Management, Assembly & IBN, R&D, Funding
  • 2000-2005: voestalpine Stahl
    Steel production
    R&D – Project manager (Pilot plants for product development –  Inv.: 7,3M€, Automotive)
  • 1995 – 2000: SIEMENS-VAI
    Metallurgical plant building
    R&D Project engineer (EXPAT) Continuous casting & Thin strip casting (EUROSTRIP IT, DE)
  • 1993: SANDOZ – NOVARTIS (R&D Pilot Plant, Research Center Kundl/Schaftenau, AT)
    – Paid Internship (two months)
    – Development of 7-ACA (7-aminocephalosporanic acid) production process


  • Please understand that references of our costumers are confidential (this discretion would be expected as a costumer of CASHGROW Consulting as well).
  • On request, the sectors based on theses references can be named.


Video Company Presentation

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2016 – 2018: GREINER (GPI)
Plastics Processing, Sattledt

Result 2016: 1,7M€  (1,4% of EBIT)
Result 2017: 1,8M€  (1,5% of EBIT)
Result 2018: 7,1M€ (5,5% of EBIT)

2011 – 2015: CEMTEC
Cement & Mining plant construction, Enns

Business Development: 54,5M€ (2 Gold Mills)
Reduction Prod.-Costs (FEM): 3,5M€ p.a.  (-7%)
Purchasing Success: €2,5M p.a. (148% of EBIT)

2005 – 2011: CEMTEC
Cement & Mining plant construction, Enns

Purchasing Success: 1,6M€ p.a. (64% of EBIT)
EBIT (Increase): 1,02M€  =>  3,95M€  (+388%)
ROS (Increase): 2,7% => 5,8% (+215%)

2000 – 2005: voestalpine
Steel production, Linz

Risk prevention through outsourced R&D trials, i.e. Development in pilot plants instead of production plants. Cost reduction for developments on production plants 2M € p.a. Timing according to customer needs.

1995 – 2000: SIEMENS-VAI
Metallurgical plant building, Linz

Cost optimization of 15% of 4M € (annual purchasing budget) through local purchasing Energy cost reduction (-80%) and reduction CAPEX for steel mills (- USD 150 / to). Estimated business potential for SIEMENS-VAI: 38M € p.a.

1995 – 2015: Patents, Papers

Co-inventor of 3 issued patents, 9 papers


I was born in South Tyrol, studied at the Graz University of Technology, Colorado Mining School and Oxford.

My previous work experiences include working at the following departments

  • Machine and plant engineering
  • Steel and automotive
  • Cement
  • Mining (gold and iron ore)
  • Plastics
  • Bulk Solids Technology

where I was activein various technical and commercial management positions. Most recently, I was a member of the Executive Board for four years, as well as Director Purchasing and SCM.

My career highlights were an EBIT quadrupling in purchasing and in business development, doubling annual sales.  The goal for my customers: Higher profit and security, more financial freedom and, above all, the time to be able to live out their own purpose in life.  While your EBIT rises, we work “in your interest”.

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